Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back Again

I've had an on again off again relationship with blogs. I guess I'm of the mindset that they're silly. How many bloggers are out there? What in the world makes me think I have something interesting enough to say that people will sit down and read this? Yea I don't really but I miss writing. And this might be a way I can just take a little time for myself and rant, rave, or post about something weird I did. Instead of going back in time, I'll just start with the present. Things I've done or gotten emotional about will come up throughout I'm sure.

 So any kachegans out there? What is a kachegan? Well, it's a little joke some co-workers made about my diet. I'm a lazy vegan, so it's Kas' Cheater Vegan=kachegan. Is that how they would spell it?

Hopefully. I eat fish and cheat on dairy products, like a little bit of cheese, or packaged food that has some dairy products in it, and yes honey. My allergies would be a nightmare without local honey! I do have to watch my diet carefully though to make sure I get enough protein, vitamins, and nutrients.

What better way to get loads of nutrients than granola? I love my granola, I buy to much of it, including the processed, crap fill bars from the store. Even a good friend brings me homemade granola bars often, however not lately because we're both so busy :(. I decided, these bars don't have enough protein or nutrients I need, plus this is getting expensive. I made my own! The bars are sad looking, very sad. I'm not even going to post the picture of these sad flat crumbly bits of mooshed together oats, nuts, and berries. However my loose granola cereal, DELICIOUS.
 This took me most of the afternoon, plus I made about the same amount for my mom. She's a kachegan as well. The recipe? From this book:

It has honey, agave, coconut, oats, flax meal, chocolate chips mmmmm, craisins, currants, cherries, almonds, I can't remember. I improvised on the recipe too and added some extra fruits and nuts too. I must say, I'm really darn proud of it and it was great this morning with chia seeds and almond milk. Plus this is vegan (minus the honey). The real recipe called for brown rice syrup, no. I already had honey handy why am I going to spend more money?

Next up on my "find productive distractions from school" is an indoor garden plus drying herbs.

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