Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Last night was a blast. I got to see Halestorm perform again, this time indoors and at night. I saw them back this spring in St. Louis at Pointfest, which if you can go, do it. Tickets were fairly cheap and the band list was great (VOLBEAT and some others :)).
Halestorm won me over at Pointfest. I generally don't like chick fronted bands. Play something random and I can figure out who it is by the voice over anything else, so the voice has to be appealing to me. Not that Lzzy doesn't have a good voice on CD or anything, I enjoyed it but wasn't impressed enough to go out of my way to see them live.
After seeing them perform at Pointfest, she sounds just as good live as she does recorded which is huge in my book. Plus they put on a really flipping good show. Even better as a headliner. The drummer did such a good solo bit.

 Yay cellphone cameras. My friend that went got way better shots on her phone, but anyway.

Also a band called Heaven's Basement played, they won be over by being British. Haha typical American response, it's the accent! But besides the fact they've got cute accents, they were really good! Very energetic and good loud music. I feel like Octane (Sirius XM channel that's always on in my car) has played them but I can't say for sure.
I'm sure they were getting sick of taking pictures by this point but that's understandable.
I can't say too much about the first band Enduval, as I missed half their set. Plus they didn't have a merch table so no cd from them...yet. I have an addiction, cd's, records, DVDs, must collect them all!

Anyway, be sure to check these guys out, and girl.

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